Sunday, July 25, 2010

New teeth and other Milestones

Not sure if I was asleep, or time just went by slowly the first time around, but our little Z is flying through these milestones and getting big WAY too fast. Today - at almost five months old she got her very first tooth. The bottom on the left. She is almost crawling, but can get around even without that ability, she is starting to make all sorts if different noises, the most prevalent being the Mumumumummmaamaa sound I get all the time.

I am sure she is saying momma, at least I hope so.

She is a happy little bean and I am so blessed to be her momma.

The summer is flying by and we now have high speed internet, so life is improving. Renovations are coming along and the nights are getting cooler. Life is good and busy, I could not ask for more

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