Sunday, August 1, 2010

Five months and a paddle!!

Today Zaley is five months old, and she went for her very first paddle. It was lovely, we went to Sheffield conservation area and paddled for a bit, found some nice rocks to picnic on, saw lots of birds and ended the day with a swim. She was great - but her lifejacket did not allow for finger munching - which is necessary now since she is cutting tooth #2 as we speak, but after nursing in the canoe, and whining a bit she fell asleep.... Mo was awesome - he swam and swam at the end and did not want to leave ( a seemingly common occurrence when there is water involved these days) he was so funny trying to catch sunfish with his bare hands. And now we have no camera to capture any of these moments. You forget how much you depend on technology... I guess we will just have to remember it the old fashioned way!

I also got my five covers finished tonight - now on to book thumbs and a double page spread!

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