Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sand in your ShoeS

We built a GIANT sandbox for our son. It was a LOT of digging, but we are heroes. We spend hours every day building pools and rivers and burying trucks. It is so much fun. We've had to fill a little pool nearby to clean up in before we go inside cause it gets pretty messy.

The best part is that our neighbour brought the sand in a giant backhoe - nothing more thrilling to a three year old boy - except for maybe a school bus.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Olympics

Ok, I am a bit of a sap, but the opening ceremony of the Olympics always brings tears to my eyes. This year, more than ever. Disregarding politics and focusing on sport bring us - the world together, for me, I see hope. I see past the required fake smiles on the people in the audience and I see wonder in their eyes and a dream for the future. Every single athlete is there because they have worked tirelessly to be there. Every person there represents a kid who had a dream and has made it. They are all an inspiration to us all to work toward our own dreams and goals, and also to take a moment here and there to celebrate our successes - whether big or small.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Change is in the Air...

Portfolios - mine are always evolving. Right now I feel the urge to do a pile of new work, while I have a few weeks between projects and have realized a few things about my work - which I won;t post here for any art directors who are looking, BUT i have lit the proverbial candle, I have my eye on a few clients I WANT to work with, thus, an idea of what I need to do. Is that clear?

I ALSO have determined that although I am perpetually observing, now that my son is ALMOST three and my hands are free much of the time unless I have become a crane or a bulldozer for a moment, that I can truly begin sketching again. This has been lacking in my very busy day to day - and I have been missing very useful things.

Mowat is so interested in what I am drawing and is constantly telling me I should draw this digger, or tractor or bumblebee. It is great fun. Then we do big pictures together - which is even more fun.

Last night we ate carrots and cucumbers out of the garden, they were small and delicious. I've also noticed the leaves turning a bit already - maybe because it has been so wet? I thought that happened when it was really dry. Well, with a fall wedding 1.5 months away, i would LOVE for the leaves to be golden and red.

Change is good.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Edible Garden

I love this time of year - especially when we have had piles of rain. Things are so lush and green, the zucchini are already monstrous, tomatoes are turning a gorgeous shade of red, carrots are getting there and I've already had a fresh cob of corn right out of the garden. You can bet next year we are planting a whole lot more of that.

Starting to figure out what I need to do to start promoting my book, not sure yet where my publisher will go with it, or what I need to do. Looking for a location to have a show/launch etc. I'm not good at all that stuff so I end getting tongue tied and sweaty... and over-explain too fast and I fear come across less than professionally. But I do like visiting with kids, I am okay with them : )

Also trying to get together a new mailing, and finding some new clients. I've been so focussed on my books, that I kind of dropped out of the race for a bit and I think I am paying for it now!

So, off I go - work, work and work some more!