Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Today is a day to celebrate all things Canadian... and so we took to Sandbanks with our buds despite the crummy weather forecast - it was lovely! We had lots of fun, it was restful, slower-paced and just really nice. We started out the day at the Napanee car show - complete with fire trucks and at least 150 classic cars. Mo was in heaven. Z was great the whole day and now we can't wait to go back again... have a feeling we'll be there a lot this summer.

More news -  Fatou Fetch the Water will be out soon, this is my fourth book with Red Robin Books UK and is set in Gambia. Here is the info sheet. Written by Neil Griffiths and a portion of all sales will go to Project Gambia to promote literacy.

We've started out our summer holidays at full tilt, Tuesday we went for a nature hike and met a family of these critters:
Then we got home and Mo felt sick - he slept for 3 hours and woke up with a fever, was listless for the whole day - then suddenly felt like playing and eating again - fever gone. Wierdest thing.

On Wednesday we headed to City Park in Kingston and to Murney Tower. Shawn took Mo there a few weeks ago and he'd been talking about it non-stop since, so we went with our buds. History and Architecture with 4-year olds is a whole other experience. It was awesome.

And today... Sandbanks. I think tomorrow we may just lay low and clean up a bit. Then again, maybe not.

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