Sunday, July 18, 2010

The days of summer

...are flying by. I am glad I made the decision to keep Mo home too, we've been having great fun. He has learned to swim, we've picked a googleplex (his words) of berries, beans and other treats, we've played with friends, visited with family and enjoyed many days of unstructured adventure.

He is an inventor - the latest invention being the AUTOMATIC BUG SWATTER. He sits down and draws a blueprint, then we use recycling, aluminum foil, old wires and random objects to make each one. Up until this point he hasn't minded that there is no 'real' motor, but now he is insistent that we build one. We have a lot of these 'inventions' around the house. You'll see this one has a ladybug dial so the machine knows not to swat those bugs.

Zaley is seriously the sweetest kid ever, and the happiest baby I have ever seen. I am not sure what we did to deserve this, but I feel very lucky. She is a riot, has started nibbling on baby mummums and is LOVING them. Naps are getting more predictable, I am getting a bit better at managing my time - which is good, cause I am BUSY!

Work with Scholastic again, another book and five book covers... and the brain cells are firing again because I am writing, I really really am...


  1. Very exciting! What is the book about that you are working on?

  2. I should re-phrase that, I am working on a spread for Scholastic, a book for Red Robin books (about dinosaurs), covers for Classroom COmplete Press and writing my own stories - the one I am working on right now is about Mammals... that is all I can say at this point!