Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer is Here...

and so is gardening, the beach and BERRIES. There is nothing I enjoy more than warm berries right off the plant, and since the deer successfully ate all of ours, we went picking today. I am now sitting with a belly full of strawberry shake. A family favourite, and anticipating a lovely trip to the beach tomorrow.

But during all of this - there is work to do - lots of it, and I have been procrastinating (terribly) and so, I need a swift kick in the behind. I have a re-write to do of a story - requested by an editor that I LOVE and I so hope to work with, illustrations for an awesome book I have some sketches done for, but need to do the rest (and yes, I will have to soon David)  and five book covers that are almost done... and my studio is still in limbo. Because, my dear husband has been working on other people's houses once again. It is ALMOST done. Trim is just about there and needs some paint (my job) and the floor needs to be sealed, but in the frenzy of the last bout of work, DH decided to work on the doorway and steps instead... with good reason. I am really hoping to get moved in very, very soon.

Here are some of the sketches and shots of my new studio and craft room... no more time to blog!

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