Monday, June 27, 2011

it's been awhile...

but it is summer. And with summer comes busy days, where I am exhausted and busy doing other things... so my poor blog falls by the wayside. We've been weeding and planting, picking berries and peas and swimming, playing with friends, visiting family and driving a LOT. I've been rewriting books and doing sketches for others. I've been mulling over September and what kind of changes our family is in for, and wondering how I can make this easier for all of us - while keeping my income substantial. I've been teary at weddings and at kindergarten graduation... and getting very excited about my sister's visit home from Kenya.

I have also been LUCKY! I won a pile of stuff at my son's school fun fair and today won an OWL retro t-shirt. This summer is starting out very well.

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