Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dundee Book award - SHORTLIST!

This past week I received my very first cheque for a book award. Our book - Fatou Fetch the Water was shortlisted for the Dundee Book Award. This is way cool for so many reasons - not the least of which, it has been one of the most challenging, yet fun book I have had to work on. Also, some proceeds of the sales are going to Project Gambia. With my sisters continued work in Africa with Free the Children - it seems I need to visit someplace on that continent soon!

On other notes, my son has been hard at work creating a little business - the age-old lemonade stand... he and a friend painted the sign his dad built, and today we did our grand opening - in honour or the construction crews on the road in front of our house. He knocked it out of the park! He squeezed all the lemons, and made each cup to order. He was excited and funny, it was awesome. This, after a morning of showing his little sister how to roll down a hill without eating dirt. It was a great day. It is these days that have me dreading a return to full-time work in September - and wishing there was some sort of solution where I can still spend lots of time with my kids and still make a good income. If anyone has any ideas- please let me know!

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