Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blowout Book Launch

Well, today I had the great fortune to launch our new book - Tooter's Stinky Wish, written by Brian Cretney and published by Fitzhenry and Whiteside. Not only did Brian pull together the whole team for this, but put on a great show to a packed house. Our Editor, Christie Harkin was there, and our Fab designer Kerry Plumley, AND our publicist - Cheryl Chen. We had a packed house - opening with the Smudge Fundaes and wrapping up with "Scooter" the stinkless skunk. The kids loved it. The adults did too. The admiration and love this community (Ste Catharine's) has for teacher/writer/illustrator Brian Cretney was palpable and amazing. This guy has obviously touched a lot of people in his not-too-long, but not-too-short career as a teacher. I can see why - he has a lovely wife and 4 beautiful kids, great parents - and is a very, very nice guy.

It is funny the way the world works. I met Brian at a conference two years ago - and now we have a book together - but those two bits are completely unrelated... We had a blast, and my wrist got VERY sore signing I am sure at least 100 books. Every book launch after this one is going to pale in comparison.

I also got to see two long-ago friends from planting - before we ever had kids/careers, or generally any idea where or who we were in life. I ran into a pal at the Butterfly Conservatory who came with her kids, our best buds made the journey with us for the weekend - puddles and all - and my mom and aunt made the journey from Lindsay....

Pictures to follow, but now I must finish my wine and enjoy the quiet now that the KOA Kareoke has ceased... tomorrow we hop on the maid of the mist then sail home.

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