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Book: In the Snow

Author and illustrator: Peggy Collins

Publisher: Applesauce Press, 2009

ISBN-13: 978-1-60433-027-4

ISBN-10: 1-60433-027-9

Reading level: Ages 4-8

Rating: 5 stars

     Do you remember the very first time that you ever saw snow?  This book tells the joyful story of a little lad who wakes up to find out that it had snowed while he was sleeping.  So he puts on his fuzzy hat, long socks, warm mittens, cozy coat, big chunky boots—and, oh yes, his snow pants.  Then he and his dad go out and play in the snow.  They learn about animal prints and feeding the birds, and they even build a "ginormous" snowman complete with a carrot nose.  But what would they use a screwdriver and a wrench for?

     Nothing could be more pleasant than a story in which a father romps in the snow with his boy.  Basing the book on her own son's adventures and using the same characters as her previous book In the Garden, author and illustrator Peggy Collins combines this pleasant text with vivid artwork to evoke the excitement of a youngster's first snowy day.  In addition to being a fun tale that will satisfy children's love for snow stories, In the Snow also encourages an interest in science and nature with the inclusion of backyard animals such as squirrels and rabbits and portrays a loving and warm father-son relationship.  I mean, what can be better than going in from the cold for a warm nice and a cuddly snuggle?  This book is a real keeper!

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