Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year

A belated New Year to everyone. We've been busy renovating, relaxing (did I just say those two things in the same sentence?), and we thoroughly enjoyed our holiday. We had a lovely christmas with lots of family, it was wild and busy, but short. My baby sister is back in Kenya working with Free the Children under her new title as Kenyan Leadership Director. We are so proud of her and of the work they do there.

My other little sister is almost 19 weeks pregnant, and me - I am six weeks away from our due date for our little girl. My step-sister is 3 weeks away from her due date...

These are exciting times. I feel myself winding down a bit, and gearing up in a different way - readying myself for the near future... and I can't wait. This little girl is so busy already, I just can't wait to see her, hold her and kiss her!

On other good news fronts - my book, in the snow has been featured at Barnes and Noble, and on several seasonal lists - with great reviews.

My giveaway at Natural Mama Reviews is over and mailed out - so I hope the winner likes the books. If you have not visited this blog before - please do so, it has links to so many great things - esp for parents.

I have just about finished the book for Inhabit Media I've been working on, and I am just doing the last few Edits for FATOU for Red Robin Books. I am really looking forward to having some time off - it has been too busy for me right now with everything that has been going on, and with only a few weeks left before baby - it is time for me to take it a bit easier - and get to bed on time, and get the rest I need. Now I've been working till almost midnight every night, am up all night going to the bathroom and up at 6 to go to work - not optimal.

Classes start next week, so I am working hard to make sure my students are equipped with what they need should there be a faculty strike coming.

And this, is how we spent our new year. Every jan 1st we go somewhere for a little hike. This time it was Long Point, just south of Picton - which is just the coolest place. Every time we go there it is a different landscape. Who knew we'd be collecting shells and driftwood on New Year's day? We have a bunch of cool stuff now. We are going to make a mobile for baby's room with our treasures.

The best part? Time together, really. I'd give up all the presents and food for more of this for everyone.

And I, and many other people got exactly what we wished for this christmas, but for now that is all I can say... and it is far more special than anything that could be wrapped, boxed or bought.

Mo and shawn finding treasure among the rocks.

Seriously, there is never anyone around when we want a family picture, notice the piles of zebra mussels!

we were expecting iceburgs, but the ice was barely there.

A visit to the Mariner's Museum before the beach...

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