Sunday, January 24, 2010

So much to say...

I have been a negligent blogger lately. Mostly because I have been so tired, and I have also been reveling in what 'NORMAL' people do on a nightly basis, without any of the crazy freelance work I've been doing. I have to be honest, it feels a bit empty. TV does not hold much stock for me, and so I've been shuffling around a bit lost. Don't get me wrong, I am glad to not have the added stress of extra work right now - with less than a month to go before our little one will arrive, I am trying to take advantage of the extra possibilities of sleep.

Anyway, this last week was an eventful one! Saturday started out with a lovely full page article in the Kingston Whig Standard about my books and family... and it just got better from there.

My students and coworkers from the Loyalist College PR post-grad program threw me a surprise baby shower, I went down for what I thought was going to be a serious meeting (and i was worried!!), and was greeted with a dark room and a wonderful surprise. It was a fantastic pot-luck, great games and such lovely unexpected gifts. The group brought in Children's books, and much to my suprise and great pleasure, many of them I do not have and/or had forgotten about how much I loved them. I have to confess though, they have not been saved for baby, Mo has been devouring them at a rapid rate. I know so many students are strapped for cash and I can't believe they did all of that, I am still smiling because of it!

This week so many things got done on the house too. Our dryer is back in working order after a lovely visit from our friend an electrician who pointed us to a separate fuse box where our dryer fuse was burnt out. Some history here - about 1.5 years ago we bought a new dryer, and it never worked. We thought it was because the squirrels we had had eaten through the wire. Anyway - long story short - there are some boxes that are scary to look into - and that was one for us... lol.

Also, we have have 3 of the 5 windows in our reno, and the new set of glass double doors (recycled), shawn took off the old wall inside that was crappy old particle board and pieces together (badly) to expose the gorgeous original siding of our house. It has some holes, but is otherwise pristine. So, it is coming, it is a long and laborious project, because Shawn has essentially had to do it all himself, I've been responsible for looking after mo and myself and baby, and he is doing a great job. It is so nice to walk out the back door and be greeted by our back yard - which we love so much. Cannot wait to sit back there with a nice glass of wine watching the stars.

On Saturday night we went to the Banff Film fest, my 9th year, Shawn's 10th. It was ok, there were a few great movies, but it seemed to really be lacking the environmental/humanitarian focus overall, awesome tricks and amazing footage of mind blowing athletes, but usually I am moved in one or two of the films and this time I just didn't feel it. However, the highlight was 'Finding Farley'. Lucky for us my sister works at the NFB and we have a copy of it at home... but it was a movie about a family canoeing through Canada following some of Farley Mowat's books. It was neat, their little guy was 2 at the time and so much like mo at that age it was crazy. Mo also started canoe tripping at 9 months... it was great. And well, we did not come up with the name Mowat out of nowhere, we do like Farley.

Anyway, life is good. It is busy, I am tired. But we have a roof, and food and the love of each other and friends and family. Who could ask for more?

Now we eagerly anticipate meeting our baby girl, sometime over the next month or so we will be holding her in our arms.

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