Monday, September 28, 2009


I heard from my publisher of In the Snow that it has already sold out of the first print run, and it has not even been released yet! This is very good news indeed. In the Garden is to be re-released as a board book 1 year after the first run, so I think we are doing alright!

Also, a good friend and colleague has started a great blog where they go on book related adventures and interview and review creators... check it out.

And lastly, have I ever mentioned I have the very best friends and family in the world? I've been sick. Bone crushingly, brutally sick (ok, maybe not QUITE that bad, but you get my drift). Anyway, today, they took my little boy for the whole day so I could rest, made me magical soup and convinced me to go to the doctor. My hubby came home from work (he is just getting over this) just to drive me there. Which I did to find out I have a particularly virulent form of the flu - though thankfully NOT swine flu, but have been ordered to rest for several days and a sort-of quarantine since we are all apparently contagious, to be good to me and our little 19 week old baby. We get to find out in a little over a week whether or not it is a boy or a girl - our son thinks it should be a car. Hmm.

Anyway, I love them to death and as soon as I stop coughing and sneezing I am going over to each of thier homes to give them the biggest hug I can muster. And then I will tackle my husband on the couch - but not till he is feeling better too.

I am one lucky girl.

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