Friday, September 25, 2009

The Animal Kingdom

Well, you move to the country for peace and quiet. You buy an old
house to fix up and love forever. My oh my how some dreams can get

We've been dealing with squirrels since we moved in 5 years ago. We
have fixed/patched/rebuilt the roof in a variety of manners 4 times.
Our squirrels can chew through metal, don't seem to mind pressure
treated wood and as we found out last weekend, have been inhabiting
our mud room roof likely for over a century.
We are renovating said mud room to give us more space for our growing
family, my work space, and the kids play space in our tiny home. This
renovation is turning into a full-scale project. The ceiling came down
last weekend and inside was 3 feet worth of squirrel nest, the entire
air space above - totally full. Wires chewed, and tunnels everywhere.
Well, they have been evicted, ad effectively (thus far) blocked out.
Though the will to get in is diminished now that their lovely cosy
home is now in the driveway in a heap of rubble.

So you would think we'd be in for some nice quiet nights, but it is
not so. Now, we have raccoons. Trying to peel up the tin on the roof
of our main house - I cannot tell you how noisy this is. Of course it
does not start until about 2:30 am, so we are good and asleep by then.
Picture this, Me in my underwear, looking for rocks in the driveway
while Shawn is using MO's toy slingshot to get them off the roof. I
think we sufficiently scared them though, and they were not back last

And then, there are the bats. Now they are not IN the house, but they
are in our roof (perhaps to invite the raccons?). These little things
are so noisy as well - and we have NO idea how they are getting in and

I am sure there is a book in all of this, once we are able to see the
humour in it all.

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  1. Hee! I see it as a beautiful drawing, all the racoons, bats, squirrels, mice, etc.
    I have squirrels too. I try to ignore them. Nothing seems to keep them out once they make their minds up to stay, but I daresay having a couple of cats is helpful...