Monday, March 5, 2012

My baby girl is TWO.

In a whirlwind of rainbows, toboggans and ladybugs, our little Z got her birthday wish... lots of handmade, thoughtful, beautiful gifts – to celebrate a very amazing little girl. A girl who adores her big brother, her papa and her mommy more than anything in the world. A girl who can jump (higher) than most boys twice her age, who is fearless and funny. A little girl who makes funny jokes and gives giant hugs. A little girl who can count to 10 and sing the alphabet as she walks around carrying her baby on her back while stomping in her sparkly shoes. A little girl who insists she is turning four and that her birthday is still coming up. A little girl we love so very much - who is full of magic and potential and who is - Just Plain AWESOME. Z, you are one rockin little bean - Happy Birthday.

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