Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy New Year

It has been awhile. I've been busy. Sick kids, sick me. Tobogganing, visiting, playing, visiting, celebrating, helping, sharing, loving... and all good things. But, now things are ramping up career-wise again.

It is ALMOST Literacy Week - which means a very busy time for me. I am excited this year, because I get to spend two days with an ENTIRE school, working on a very exciting project. I will be visiting The Marysville Public School on Wolfe Island for a book workshop. I am also visiting the Belleville and Napanee Early Years Centre's for stories and crafts.

Here is a bit of (AWESOME) news - In the Snow is in the January ELF Scholastic Book Club order. This is seriously something I have dreamed of my WHOLE life. Ever since I got my very first books from Scholastic - all new and shiny - just for me... I have wanted this. I am so excited, I hope it does well enough they will also sell In the Garden - we will see.

On the home front, we've decided that the best use for our back room is... drumroll please.... a STUDIO for me, and the kids. I could not be more thrilled. We were going to make it an adult space, but well - that is impossible right now, so we are moving me back there... it is magnificent, and almost done. Right now all my craft/art/easels are in our living space, my workspace had to move when baby #2 moved in - I happily obliged. But now, I get my very own work space, with room enough for a large work table and Mo's very own invention desk. Pictures to follow soon. Thank you to my dear husband who is doing the all of the work (and he is oh so talented). WAHOO!

Mo is reading, Zaley is walking and life is moving oh so fast. but fun.


  1. Yippee! Your book is in the Scholastic leaflet? That is SO AWESOME! And huge congratulations on getting a new studio. That is going to be so great for you! And I love that you're going to have a space in there for your son, too. So cool.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Peggy, that's fabulous news on all counts! Wonderful to be in the Scholastic book order. And a new studio? Sounds like heaven. Here's to the new space and all the new creations you'll make there!