Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day Two - Marysville P.S. Literacy Workshop

Day two at Marysville PS was... awesome. The work the kids did was fantastic, and it seemed like they were having lots of fun. I Hope to have some pictures to show, but painting silly things in front of 16 kids at a time is thrilling, and then watching them go back and use what you have shown them is even more so. So, I thank the school for having me - and if you would like me to create a program to fit within your curriculum - drop me a line!

Today I was at Family Space in Belleville - what a place! Belleville has to win hands-down as the most family friendly city. With the family bathrooms at the mall, awesome parks/skate parks... and Family Space, many rooms, lots of staff, fantastic programs - all under one roof. And to top it all off, one of Mo's favourite teachers froim his days at Loyalist works there. It was so nice to see her - and we will be going back to visit soon.

Tomorrow, we head to the Napanee Early Years Centre for one more reading for literacy week. I have to say - it has been fun, but I am TIRED, and I need some time at home to clean my house!

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