Monday, September 13, 2010

On turning FIVE.

I never thought this day would come. Or rather, I just never thought it would come so FAST. But, here it is and here we are on the eve of our Son's fifth birthday.

I'm not sure why five seems a much bigger deal than four, but it does.

It is an entry to boydom – no more little toddler remains, replaced by lanky, sometimes cranky, impossibly smart and inquisitive, jumping off playground equipment, funny and serious boy. All arms and legs. Smelly feet. A companion, a pal. A very opinionated and passionate person. A pusher of boundaries. A kissing bandit. A cuddly, but NOW can I PLEASE play the ipod kind of kid. A kid who will drop anything to play cars, lego, chess or to make his sister laugh. A kid who breaks down into fits of tears for the strangest of reasons. A kid who prides himself on putting on his own bandages and has a very defined sense of fashion. A kid who once dreamed of taping his sister to the wall or giving her away to firemen - who now will not let anything bad happen to her - EVER.

Our son, who is growing fast, no matter how much we want him to slow down. Our beautiful child, soon to be handsome young man...

Happy Birthday Mo, you light up our lives.

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  1. I love reading your Blog.... it brings tears to my eyes and makes me feel like i am close.

    thanks for being an amazing mom, sister and friend.