Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Olympic Torch

I remember being 13 when the torch went through Canada the last time. I applied to carry it, but did not get to. I was sad, but at the time the event was so moving I didn't care. I was just so glad that I got to see it. I still had olympic dreams, and friends who were close to realizing those dreams. Now that we are older and those friends have competed at this epic level - and been successful, it seems to have even more meaning. This morning when we watched it go through Napanee I was 13 again, but seeing it through our son's eyes. He has yet to discover competitive sports, he is only 4 - but who knows - right? Someday maybe he will get to carry the torch, or compete for our country. Maybe. And if not - it really does not matter, as long as the Olympic spirit - to reach for your goals, whatever they may be - remains strong - I will be one proud mama. And to all the athletes, and the families and parents of those athletes, who have sacrificed all the way to get to the games - we wish you luck, perseverance and the knowledge that whatever you do, wherever you place - we are proud of you.

You can watch a live feed here:

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