Thursday, December 3, 2009

Anticipation & Promises

There seems to be so much to look forward to at this time of year, and yet I am finding the time is just slipping away - leaving me feeling as though I am not appreciating it properly. I keep promising myself I will slow down, but I keep going - it seems, at an alarming rate. So, I am making myself some early promises right now. You see - I need to plan, so I can actually keep them.

We are now 28 weeks pregnant, and our new little girl is feisty and already claiming her space between her brother and I with not so gentle love kicks when we are cuddling... so I vow to cuddle him even more and take time to spend with him alone, knowing how much our lives
will change in February. I have no idea what it will be like for us - will be special, scary, beautiful and challenging... all at once.

Over the holidays I will finish cleaning out the space for another double bed so the little one and I can cuddle and she can nurse to her hearts content, while her brother spoons with me or dad... and I am going to try not to be too stressed out about it. With all the renovations going on, and the holidays, I want to do it and just be done so I can enjoy this time of seeming quietude with our small family.

I am going to finish all my outstanding freelance illustration work before the holidays, get all assignments marked and marks into banner the week before christmas - and will not take on any more big jobs until March. I will however dedicate some time to my dummy that has been sitting idle for far too long due to actual paying work pouring in.

I will appreciate what we have and try very hard to not be too envious of my friends larger, fully renovated homes that are beautifully decorated for christmas and think more about those who have nothing or who have lost so much.

I will keep my spending in check and the focus of the season - being friends and family at the forefront.

I will say thank you and smile at grumpy people in the mall, even though I feel like a mac truck, I am infinitely grateful to be carrying the child I am. I will not shop at the mall, but may pop in
for sushi.

I will hug my husband, and thank him for the small things. Sometimes I forget to do that.

I will be kinder to myself.

I will sleep more.

I will prepare for my baby to make her entrance as she sees fit.

I will give as much as I can, and show our son that it feels even better than receiving.

I am sure there is more...

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