Sunday, September 15, 2013

Our boy is eight...

He had a small request, a cake that depicted our literally whirlwind trip to Algonquin this summer. We were in there when the microburst hit, trees flying everywhere, landing on our canoe and stuff, but luckily not us or our kids. When we paddled out of the Barron canyon the next day, there was not a soul around, it was so quiet and beautiful I wept - maybe due to exhaustion - the night before we did not sleep a wink all night, there were snags everywhere and they creaked all night long so we took turns listening and watching... But we had the entire canyon to ourselves. Our kids, 3 and 7 loved every minute of it. Our eldest, Mowat, designed this map in photoshop to put on a water bottle, and I used it to print out icing... We mapped out our route and on the weekend we celebrated #8, with a camping theme, gorp goody bags, complete with bandaids and flashlights, a campfire and kids running around in the dark... Perfection. Oh, and no storm. Thank goodness.

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