Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

I do a lot of reflecting at this time of year, I am not sure why - though it probably has something to do with spring and all it brings. The lilacs are in the air and the kids are CRAZY. Maybe it's just that we need to adjust to each other again, and find our routine...

On the eve of this mother's day, I am not feeling particularly motherly. I had a wacko 7 year old and a very whiny 3 year old today without reprieve. I also did not get enough sleep this week, a product of lots of projects and a weird addiction to Mermaid World. Today I lost my cool - a few times. Today, for part of the day - I JUST WANTED TO BE ALONE. So while I reflect on what it is to be a mom, I need to take into account all the madness as well as the sweetness. It all ended in snuggles and cuddles and deep thoughts - and thank goodness for that, but in many ways today felt like a planting day (for those of you who have done this job - you understand!)

However, enough complaining - what I do WANT to talk about are the amazing new momma's in my life.... this past year some of my favourite people entered the world of motherhood. My littlest sister, who is amazing in so very many ways, had a little girl who is the most beautiful little bean I have ever seen (next to my own - but I am supposed to say that), and IS AN AMAZING MOMMA. She traveled from Lindsay back to KENYA with a 5 month old - all by herself... it is incredible to watch her as a mom. I knew she'd be awesome, but she is amazing. My cousin-in-law, who has had an incredible journey to motherhood - now has a beautiful baby boy that I cannot wait to meet. Then there is my long time friend, who had TWINS! After a long, difficult time she is a momma to two perfect babes, and is incredible to behold. These new mommas, and all those others I hold so dear - near and far, are my roots - some fresh and new, others solid and unwavering. My friends and family teach me so many things on a moment by moment basis it keeps my head spinning.

I come from a long line of strong, beautiful mommas... and most days I strive to live up to the expectations I have as a mom. Some days I rock it, other days - not so much. But I love my kids more than anything, and the feeling I get when I look at their sleeping, relaxed faces, sweaty sleeping hair - arms and legs all akimbo - their beauty and grace makes me well up, and I forget the insanity of the day, and look forward to a fresh start.

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  1. What an honest and endearing post. I hope your Mother's day was perfect and memory making.