Monday, October 29, 2012


Well, I am finished the costumes for this year - this is an abnormality for me, as I am usually putting the final touches on the night before. Z is easy this year - she wants to be a princess/mermaid/spiderman, we have some evidence of all of these in the dress up trunk. Mo decided on Saturday morning that a Bald Eagle was a good idea. I was pretty excited about that choice actually. So I drew up a little diagram to explain what I was going to do. He is seven, and keen on details...

I also do not work from patterns, ever, really. I like to work balls to the wind and see what happens - just my style. So, with sewing maching revved up, kidlets crafting beside me and piles of fleece we went at it.

This year (unlike last) my sewing machine stayed the course, and the results (in about 4 hours of work) were very fun. He is very excited about his costume... and then his sister decided she wanted one too. I told her next year for sure - hope she grows fast.


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