Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Vacation

I had big plans for my two-week vacation. I mean BIG plans.

I was going to clean my house, sort out the clothes that don't fit, paint my kitchen, weed my gardens, go to the beach – and maybe take a little trip.

What I ended up doing instead...
Visited with friends - Lots of them; Had a late-night BBQ with our neighbours and kids; Went to a museum; Played in the river; Helped the kids have a lemonade stand; Played in the river; Did not rush; Watched a chipmunk eat an apple core; Went camping; Watched the fireflies in our yard with Mo; Dug up clay at the beach; Built a castle; Climbed a cliff; Went paddling; Looked for crayfish; Roasted marshmallows; Did some sewing; Enjoyed some girl time around the fire; Read a book; Helped some friends; Swam in a pool; Drank lemonade; Had a few nights where I did not work... and so much more...

Is my house clean?

Am I happy?
You bet.

I can't wait until next summer when I have the whole time off - and maybe then that to-do list might get done. Till then, I am going to enjoy my moments with my kids, make memories and be present in that time that I have.

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