Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Felted Characters from In The Snow

So, I like to craft. I especially like to needlefelt. I find it relaxing, and it is something I can do that is creative that for me does not involve a lot of thinking once I know what I am doing... And, I also love to create things to take with me to book readings. The idea is to get the children to interact with my books in a tactile and fun way. For the young children this really seems to work. So, I give you Mowat and his GINORMOUS snowman...


  1. I LOVE these!!! So cool, Peggy!
    erin e. kono

  2. Peggy, your Mowat is ADORABLE! So very engaging! What a great idea to get the kids involved handson with your books! I have no idea how needle felting works but you have inspired me to look into it (vs just admiring those other felt-animal virtuosos!) Leanne

  3. Oh Peggy, these are darling! I'll bet the kids just love 'em. Next stop for me: google needle felting.