Monday, August 17, 2009

I love independent bookstores!

This weekend I had a reading at the Kent Bookstore in Lindsay. Like
Greenley's in Belleville, they had decorated the windows up with big
gerbera daisies, and a GIANT almost 4 x 4 foot blow up of my
cover... it was a hot, hot day, but the kids that came were
enthusiastic and it was actually really nice. It was the first event
where I got to spend almost all my time with the kids, doing silly
little drawings and talking about all the other books they love... I
got a great view into the heart of a pre-teen reader who loves
fairies. It was a great visit, and I will be going back there again in
the winter when in the snow launches in November. DId I mention they
sold 35 books? Fun stuff. Those places make me wish I worked in an
indie bookstore.

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