Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our stay home day

This morning I called in sick.

And I was, on a couple of levels. I felt terrible, and had been up practically all night with our three year old. But I was also so stressed I could not think straight anymore.

So this morning when we happened to sleep in - we called a stay-home-day. I could not have made a better call. We slept, cuddled, played. We built stuff in the garden, a cool found wood trellis, and a bit of a fence. We went for a long walk and I remembered to wear my rubber boots so I could splash too.

We ate slowly and picnicked outside.

We did not get in the car. We did not rush anything. We had fun.

I was so wound up, things have been so busy, I've been crabby and edgy and surprised that my sweet son was totally acting out. He was, and for good reason. I have not been the best mom the last week or so and have no excuse really. So today I healed. Things are back in perspective and I am happy again.

Do you know how many times my son has said, " mom, I just love you." today? At least a million. He needed this day too. As we wind down and snuggle, I can't help but hear the birds singing and it makes me smile.

Our kids are smart. They seem to know before we do when it is time to slow down for a bit.

PS - BOTH birdhouses we put out have new tenants!

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