Friday, February 13, 2009

a musing on growing up

Ok, let's just say in the last few years I feel like I have grown up - but in this, pieces of myself seem to have disappeared. Now and again I am reminded of who I was, and wonder, how did I become who I am? Does this happen to everybody? Sometimes I feel like a kid, but minus the freedom I used to value so highly. So, I am stepping out here for a second, to take a glimpse back about 9 years to when I was footloose and fancy-free. Working in the bush as a cook after a wicked crazy early-season coastal plant. I treasure these memories so much. It is always at this time of year when I wake up to that smell of muddy frost - and a whiff of mountain air brushes past me - faint, since its been awhile since I have lived among them. But it takes me back, much like a song, or that particular BO that only a planter can have. I miss my old friends, parties and working like a dog. I miss the strange feeling of earth and duct-tape mixed together. I even miss that cooking smell of 200 eggs before 5 am. That time in the morning, when all is silent, the fog sits over everything and you feel like you are the only one awake - save the owls. And then, that start-up of the generator at 4:15 am, quiet music and soft light in the cook shack. First coffee. Watching the bleary-eyed planters stumble up. Hugs, smiles and bacon. This time of year makes me want to go back. I sit at my computer at work and dream of these days!

I found this pic from Nose mountain, AB in the summer of 2000 when I was cooking. Simon and Heidi beside me... now we've got kids(or have one on the way), partners, houses and have all grown up - well - sort of ; )

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