Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Proud of my dad...

Yesterday my father was inducted into the Lindsay Sports Hall of Fame,
as an athlete and as a coach. When you grow up with a pro-football player as a dad, you take some things for granted. When you grow up with people like our parents - you've got it made. We were driven to every practice for every sport - we were coached and chaperoned and we were supported in whatever we chose to do.

The thing about this induction was - I realized that other people see our dad as a mentor - and the number of people he has inspired, coached and worked with is pretty unbelievable. Not to mention - he is a great speaker. We have listened to his stories over and over again - have you ever seen the movie BIG FISH? Well that guy reminded me of my dad in a big way. So, realizing that he is a character and much of the stories he tells are rooted in truth somewhere was enlightening.

Usually you have to wait for terrible things to happen to get to hear how wonderful your folks are and meet the people in their lives from BEFORE they were your parents. We got to see that, and so did dad - and it was awesome.

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