Friday, April 19, 2013


I can breathe again... barely. My first FULL year of teaching is (almost) complete - at least classes are... and man, have I learned a TONNE. What has teaching taught me?
  • It is almost more pleasurable to watch a student's aha moment, than to have one yourself
  • It takes many kinds of people to contribute to a successful classroom
  • I know my stuff - mostly - and the stuff I don't know, I figure out 
  • how amazing it is to work with people who honestly tell you how it is
  • there are so many people who do not THINK they are artists, and actually are
  • I am GOOD at inspiring people to do GREAT work (I am working to get even better)
  • how to manage drunkeness, apathy and fear in the classroom
  • Many students have HUGE challenges, and watching them triumph (or not) is a spectacular thing to witness, and also heart wrenching when something BIG throws off the balance
  • my students all come with something to offer, especially the ones who are afraid to offer it
  • I LOVE teaching. I love it. It's a job I'll go in early for, and stay late... and time flies.
  • knowing there is a break coming allows for a level of intensity I have not experienced since planting - where you work your butt off knowing you can catch up on everything else later
  • I am LUCKY. 
  • That I have room in my heart for all my students, even the ones who lack personal hygiene
Most days I feel like dancing out of the classroom, it has been so exciting to support so many students on their journey this year... not without it's challenges either, or the complete TERROR I felt in the beginning... all those faces looking at me for guidance; or the general feeling of fraudiness that pops up every once in awhile, since I think I may have the best jobs ever.

Now I get to focus on the other job... creating - hi ho, hi ho, its off to work I go!

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