Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And here she is...

Little Azalea and big brother Mo, checking to see she has all her fingers and toes - for now - that is as close as he wants to get.

Still just checking things out...

the little pork chop...

Welcome to the world baby girl. She came in like a wildfire - and together we had a successful VBAC, au - naturel. Love this baby, can't wait to get her home.


  1. Peggy she is a beauty! Can hardly wait to meet her!
    Stef and Annabel

  2. PEG - she looks great! Big gal! I love it, keep the pics coming.xokris & dent

  3. Your Azalea is so beautiful.....Can't wait to hold her again....Love Auntie Cie xoxox

  4. One of your BEST and most BEAUTIFUL creations yet Peggy (tip of the hat to big bro being the first one:)
    I see she is a big baby weight wise but MAN, it looks like if you stretched out those yummy, chubby legs (two of my favorite parts of a baby) she would go past the ruler on the back of the basinet!!!

    Give her a kiss for me:)
    love to you,

  5. Congratulations Peg, Shawn and Mo! She is beautiful.... huge and "Oh my... naturally really!" I can't wait to meet her. Lots of love,
    Ellie, Neil, Asa & Mila